Metabolomics and Metabolite profiling

Metabolomics is the comparative, non-targeted analysis of the complete set of metabolites (small organic molecules) in a biological system as well as the most relevant genomics technology for understand biological functioning. TNO Triskelion platforms essentially comprise three pillars: multi-metabolite analytics, data preprocessing and data analysis.
Triskelion has an advanced QC strategy for all metabolomics platforms that enables us to reduce analytical variation in the studies. This is essential especially for large studies with hundreds of samples. All data are stored in a datawarehouse, ensuring data integrity and enabling easy access to all studies. We also have extensive validated data pre-processing, spectra-picking and data processing/mining software. The metabolomics platforms was successfully applied in inflammatory metabolic syndrome, gut, health and cardiovascular research.

Metabolomics Platforms

TNO Triskelion’s current metabolite platforms are:


  • Phosphate and sulphonate LC-MS
  • Nucleotide LC-MS
  • Polar LC-MS
  • Neutral Lipid LC-MS
  • Polar lipid and FFA LC-MS
  • Bile acid UHPLC-MS
  • Direct infusion of lipids
  • Oligosaccharides
  • Short chain fatty acids
  • Endocannabinoids
  • Oxylipids



  • GCxGC-MS
  • Global GC-MS
  • Quantitative GC-MS