Food Contact Materials

TNO Triskelion offers all the expertise needed for the safety assessment of food contact materials according to EU and FDA regulations and specific national legislations. We are the dedicated partner and thrusted third party for food approvals, compliancy, regulatory support, packaging issue management, tailor made packaging projects and many more.

Food contact materials have to comply with a variety of regulations issued by the authorities. Based on analytical experience and thorough knowledge of relevant legislations, TNO Triskelion provides the expertise and capabilities to test and approve food contact materials. As trusted third party, TNO Triskelion has access to all relevant information in the FCM production chain.

Our position as your knowledge partner is important to us. To answer industry's questions, we continuously invest in the knowledge position of our experts and the quality of our technologies and methods. Our challenge is to anticipate tomorrow's questions, taking into account expected legislation developments and industry trends.


TNO Triskelion offers you regulatory support and outstanding analytical services for all aspects of FCM testing:

  • Compliance studies: the compliance statements issued by TNO Triskelion are internationally accepted.
  • NIAS Screening: TNO Triskelion has developed a dedicated and cost effective approach to identify the NIAS possibly present in your FCMs.
  • Petitioning: TNO Triskelion facilitates the petitioning procedure from migration and toxicity studies to the preparation and submission of the dossier.
  • Physical tests and CO2 food grade testing: TNO Triskelion is the preferred test laboratory for beverage industry and their suppliers, with respect to physical compliance of bottles, closure, corks etc. and food grade CO2 investigation.
  • Development of migration cells: TNO Triskelion has developed several types of migration cells needed to perform migration tests required by relevant food contact material regulations. 
  • Issue Management: TNO Triskelions offers the Emergency Response Service (ERS). We provide you with immediate expert support in data collection, risk evaluation, situation management and legal issues. For subscribers this service is available 24/7.


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