Registration and Risk Assessment

Using our proven expertise in risk assessment and testing along with extensive experience in preparing REACH registrations over the last four years, we aim to ensure that your registration is successful.
REACH registration can be described as process in ten steps:
  1. Preparation
  2. Data exchange in SIEF/consortium
  3. Collection of existing data & testing
  4. Exposure scenarios
  5. Exposure determination (if needed)
  6. Preparation of a chemical safety report
  7. Development of a test plan
  8. Preparation of extended safety data sheet
  9. Dossier completion
  10. Support follow-up This process is the backbone of all our REACH services and we can provide support for all ten steps.

TNO Triskelion helps companies in a successful REACH registration of the chemicals they manufacture and/or import in Europe, including assessment of the hazard profile and human and environmental exposure as well as the preparation of a chemical safety report.

Safe use: control of risks

The aim of REACH is to describe the safe use of chemicals throughout the product chain. For this, risk assessment needs to be performed for employees, consumers and the environment. Our extensive experience in using state-of-the-art exposure models and generic exposure scenarios as well as the emission data at our disposal mean that we can perform the risk assessment to demonstrate sufficient risk control for the uses of your substance. The appropriate risk management measures and exposure scenarios that we develop can be translated into extended safety data sheets to be used by your customers.