REACH Chemicals Management – Stay in control

With the REACH regulation past its first deadline, and thousands of substances registered, you will be receiving your share of extended Safety Data Sheets. The risk management measures from them need to be implemented in your plants. Are you in compliance?

The chemicals you work with are subject to many regulations, with different implications whether you are a user, a trader or a producer of these products. You have to comply with all of them. A few examples:

  • REACH has added a new twist to compliance with Safety Data Sheets; you now have to comply with the Risk Management Measures (RMM’s) outlined in them, or file your own Chemical Safety Report
  • When you do comply with the principles of the RMM’s outlined, an inspecting authority can still request you to prove their effectiveness in your specific case. How do you do that?
  • The CLP regulation has led to changes in many classifications, both for substances you make yourself as well as for those you purchase and formulate into products
  • Chemicals in nano-form may have to comply with future regulations, but present-day safety still has to be ensured

Chemical Management solutions

TNO Triskelion can offer you excellent advice on how to ensure your compliance:

  • We can audit your REACH implementation at plant level:
    • are the RMM’s in place?
    • Are your own substances registered under REACH?
    • Do you incorporate the latest version of the Candidate List when evaluating articles for the presence of SVHC compounds?
  • We can solve CLP regulation issues such as:
    • How to interpret the CLP regulation for your specific mixtures
    • How to deal with different CLP classifications for the same substance
  • Evaluating risks of the use of nano-particles:
    • Even without specific nano-guidance, we can optimise your employee safety
    • We can find the right methodology to test your nano-particles